Lost amidst 80% OFF, 50% OFF…? Invest your 100% time into this

Lost amidst 80% OFF, 50% OFF…? Invest your 100% time into this

It is that time of the year when online SALE frenzy compels even the passive shopper to get hooked to online shopping portals. Well, there is nothing wrong to shop for the best deal. After all, who doesn’t love getting what they have longed for long for less.

We wish that you don’t get blinded by the SALE and miss the real deal. In this case, whether you are an amateur or a pro investor, Guaranteed Monthly Rentals for 2 years is indeed unmissable. Make the most of Guaranteed Monthly Rentals offering with Marvel ECRON, North Karnataka’s first ever Grade A Building.

Why investing not buying matters during OFFERS frenzy?

Here’s something unmissable – the SALE comes almost every year. So even if you miss this year, there’s one coming the next. Also, you have some discount or the other campaign almost every month. So, there is not much to lose. But if you look at investing, something like Marvel ECRON, Hubli, you will enjoy guaranteed monthly income for 2 years plus you will own an asset. Isn’t that much better than owning items for sheer indulgence?   

Let’s explore a little more to understand why it matters to invest in Marvel ECRON now.
When you invest in Marvel ECRON in Hubballi, North Karnataka’s first ever Grade A building, you will be amongst the first few to benefit from Govt. of Karnataka’s (GoK) unique initiative Beyond Bengaluru.

Why Hubballi will witness exponential growth in the near future? 

Because GoK’s #BeyondBengaluru initiative is set to boost IT/ITeS sector + employment creation in tier 2 cities of Karnataka by 2025. And Hubballi is amongst the 3 cities identified to lead the initiative.


Why IT/ITeS entities are likely to consider Hubli?

  1. Amongst the 3 cities to lead the GoK’s #BeyondBengaluru initiative.
  2. Home to premier engg. colleges, including the famed IIT/IIIT.
  3. Churning 5000 graduates a year, the talent supply is huge.
  4. The airport, soon-to-be upgraded to international status, is the largest after Bangalore and Mangalore in the state.

Why IT/ITeS entities will find Marvel ECRON the most apt address in Hubli?
Marvel Ecron, a RERA-approved Grade A building with the right tech specs plus green concepts is designed to cater start-ups and MNCs, specifically IT/ITeS companies.

How ill IT/ITeS entities benefit with offices in Hubli? As per the IT Policy 2020-25, a plethora of benefits/incentives await IT/ITeS industry looking to start/expand operations to Hubli. Some of the benefits/incentives are listed below:
  1. Financial support of upto 20% – 33% of Fixed Investment for Infrastructure (excluding the cost of land).
  2. Lease/Rental Reimbursement @ the rate of INR 10 per sq. ft. / INR 1000 per seat.
  3. 75% Stamp Duty Exemption.
  4. 50% Quality Certification Reimbursement.
  5. 30% Marketing Cost Reimbursement.
  6. PF/ESI Reimbursement for 2 years for all new employment.
  7. Patents Cost Reimbursement of INR 2 – 10 lakhs.
  8. R&D Support of upto INR 1 crore.
  9. Tailor-made incentives on a case-to-case basis for Mega Projects/ Enterprises.
  10. Industrial power tariff instead of Commercial power tariff.
Smart Investors have an uncanny ability to spot something afar. 31 smart investors have already made the move with Marvel ECRON in Hubballi, North Karnataka’s first ever Grade A Building. After all, Guaranteed Monthly Income is an irresistible assurance. But Hurry! #GuaranteedRentals last for Limited Bookings only! Visit https://marvelecron.co.in/