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Divakar Rawala

Divakar Rawala is the catalyst and the man behind our vision, growth and success. A nationally renowned leadership and management consultant, Diwakar is committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and aspirations. Under his expert guidance, Marvel has built a team striving to achieve perfection and meeting stakeholder expectations every step of the way.

Executive Director

Anil Balaganur

Many times the environment we are raised in holds a great influence on our pursuits. And Anil Balaganur’s career presents a similar story. Being born and raised in a family of businessmen, he picked up the nuances of business quite early. He went on to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. But more than his formal education, Anil Balaganur credits his business sense to real-time observation and hands-on experience gained in his formative years.

Executive Director

Veeresh Kulkarni

Some people have a natural flair for business. Be it the ability to take a risk, the knack of foreseeing a business opportunity or sheer common sense – they have it all. And Veeresh Kulkarni is just that. An enterprising individual with astute business acumen, commerce graduate, he is an alumnus of the prestigious J G College of Commerce, Hubli

Executive Director

Gururaj Annigeri

At Marvel, as a Partner & Director, Gururaj steers key decisions with regard to business vision, talent, technology and operational efficiencies.

Notably, Gururaj’ role has been instrumental in making Marvel Properties a process-driven, fast-growing and a design wise-strong real estate company in the North Karnataka region.

Within three years of joining the Marvel Properties’ board, he turned Marvel into an ISO-certified[ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 14001:2015 (EMS), ISO 18001: 2007 (OHSAS)] construction company.

He takes pride in the fact their commercial project, Marvel Artiza, was the lone project from India to be recognized amongst green space contenders at the German Architectural Museum.

Cut to today – He’s a Realtor + Investor with insights amassed over 15+ years!