26,000 sq.ft




Car Parking, 24/7 BackUp


Hubli, Karnataka


The Eco-Friendly Office Space of the Future

If you are a big or small business looking to rent office space in the Hubli area in Karnataka, we have the perfect solution for you. The Marvel Artiza complex has been built on a premium location @ Hubli, close to several key areas that will only add to its value over time. We would recommend you don’t miss this opportunity!

Why Rent Space @ Marvel Artiza?

Marvel Properties have always strived to maintain their benchmark quality and match it with their customer-driven approach. The Artiza mall is a symbol of our fine craftsmanship, creative engineering, and superior design capability.

Everything from the expansive space to dedicated parking areas and airtight security— Marvel Artiza can fulfill any business’s needs.



The Future is Here

Luxury Office Space Primed for Success

We can guarantee that a once-over of our office spaces will leave you impressed enough to strike a deal. The 26,000 square foot space is equipped with everything you need in a professional setting. From the glass-fronted offices to the hardwood floors, we promise an experience not just for you, but for the clients that visit your office. Whatever they may say, first impressions always count!

Don’t underestimate the power of aesthetics. This luxury setting can also give your employees enough room to expand and grow into better workers and their productivity will boost in no time. The two board rooms let you and your team convene together for maximum efficiency.

Top of the Notch Maintenance

The Marvel Artiza building solves the several common problems businesses face in rented office spaces. First off, there is a basement for car parking. We are offering an in-complex parking space for yourself and your employees so you can save the time spent searching for spots.

Moreover, four high-speed lifts deliver you to your floor with no delay. Then there is a landscape maintenance and a house-keeping service for common areas like the lobby and the atrium. And for times when the power goes out, there are 24/7 backup generators to pick up the slack.


Why Rent Office Space @ HUBLI?

Beautiful setting, abundant natural light, amazing comfort, super-fast internet, Custom made desks, state-of-the-art AC system, top-notch location,…

  • Hubli lies on the Golden Quadrilateral with 4 major National Highways interconnected.
  • Hubli is 3rd busiest Airport in Karnataka & going to be the biggest cargo transport port.
  • Second most populated city in Karnataka after Bangalore.
  • Hubli is well connected through Air, Road & Rail, also Water through Karvar harbor.
  • Hubli forms a contiguous urban area with the city of Dharwad.
  • HDBRTS, one of the fastest road transport connecting Hubli & Dharwad.
  • Hubli – Dharwad is a host for major Educational institutes and called as Vidya Kashi.
  • Hubli is witnessing a lot of revolution in the IT sector with government initiatives like Software tech Park, Aryabhata Tech Park, Sandbox, Deshpande Foundation, Infosys, etc.
  • Hubli is having more than 1 lakh small & medium scale industries,
  • Hubli Dharwad was selected for the “Smart city project”.
  • Hubli- Dharwad was selected for solar city/Green city master plans.
  • Hubli is called as” Chota Mumbai” since being commercially strong.
  • Hubli is a trading hub of Iron & Cotton.
  • Hubli houses the largest number of government offices outside Bangalore.
  • Hubli is 640 meters above sea level, hence the weather is pleasant with lots of greenery around.

Advantages of Marvel Artiza

  • Marvel Artiza is located in a prominent location of Hubli and it is bang on 8 lane HDBRTS road.
  • Marvel Artiza is unique because it is designed and constructed by a German Architect Company.
  • Marvel Artiza is built with a Green building concept with lots of good light and ventilation.
  • Marvel Artiza is constructed with high Quality-materials & high-end fixtures.
  • Marvel properties are known for good maintenance and Marvel Artiza tops the chart in its category.
  • Marvel Artiza is unique because of its grand entrance lobby.
  • Marvel Artiza looks different because of its Horizontal Garden across the outside Facade.
  • Marvel Artiza comes with multilevel parking in the  basement.
  • Marvel Artiza is provided with 24/7 security with CCTV surveillance.