Marvel Facades

This strategy cools the thermal mass in the building during night hours and reduces the overall cooling load during the next day. On the other hand, if the building is in a heating mode, the envelope needs to be designed with appropriate glazing selection, coupled with shading strategy, to enhance solar heat gains during the daytime. Therefore, in practice, the architects and building designers need to integrate and balance these varying requirement considerations while designing an energy-efficient building. (Amrit Raj Thakur, Dy. Manager, Central Procurement, Lodha Group)

The Design considerations and methodologies based on NBC:

While selecting glass and glazing systems, following design considerations and methodologies based on NBC need to be followed to ensure the right use of glass and glazing systems.

1. General considerations – basic considerations must be given appropriate importance at the planning stage to achieve proper selection and design of glass in building façades. They are:

a. location
b. climatic zone
c. orientation
d. building details
e. natural ventilation

2. Considerations of safety and structural aspects – Considering all types of loads

3. Considerations for energy efficiency

4. Considerations for acoustical comfort