Our Prime Focus is Customer Satisfaction

The policy of Marvel Properties Pvt. Ltd. in carrying out all its activities, is to pursue a sound Quality, Health, Safety and environmental System in order to execute quality work at all time, practice safety & health of employees, contractors, customer and the community at large, ensure that all activities are free from defect at the first time and to protect environment, health and safety in compliance with the International & Local Legalization, self-regulation concerning QHSE standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 with the aim to not only meet but exceed customer requirements.

Design, followed by Form & Function. Our core values allow us to innovate & push foward.


It is amazing how futuristic thinking can turn pieces of land into wonderful abodes for living & commercial activity. The Reason why when two enterprising individuals, Veeresh Kulkarni & Anil, committed to creating spectacular landmarks, they christened it Marvel Properties. True to its name, Marvel aims to deliver amazing results with its comprehensive construction services.


We build our projects with your dreams and ideas.

At Marvel, we actualize pioneering and sophisticated homes for you to explore the redefined luxurious apartments. We indulge ourselves in delivering consciously designed spaces that reflect aesthetic appeal.

By 2021 Marvel properties would be the brand of choice for discerning aspirers of contemporary technological advanced homes or strategic eco-friendly business addresses, redefining luxury with innovation attracting developing and retaining industry benchmarked talent.

To continuously look for locations that will hold value for our customers & Investors. To keep the needs of customers at the heart of every new project. To strengthen relationships with our stakeholders-suppliers, subcontractors professional associates and customers.

At Marvel Properties, our prime focus is customer satisfaction and goodwill, which is why: We value integrity, trust and suitability above all else. We believe in transparent communication at all times. Our projects are defined by innovation and timely execution.

Marvel Artiza

Marvel Artiza is unique because it is designed and constructed by a German
Architect Company.




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