Articles by: Sagar Alagundagi

Property Investors: Here’s Your Golden Chance with Marvel ECRON

The real estate market is brimming with opportunities, and savvy investors are always on the lookout for the next big thing. If you’re looking to leap into the big league of office space investors, it’s time to think beyond Bengaluru. Hubballi, the commercial hub of North Karnataka, offers an unparalleled investment opportunity with Marvel ECRON—a RERA-approved Grade A commercial property that is set to redefine the commercial real estate landscape.

8 reasons that will swing your decision in favour of Marvel ECRON

Marvel ECRON is not just another commercial property; it is a landmark development that stands out for several compelling reasons. Here’s why you should consider investing in Marvel ECRON:

  1. First and Only Grade A Property in North Karnataka: Marvel ECRON holds the distinction of being the first and only Grade A commercial property in North Karnataka. This exclusivity not only ensures premium quality and amenities but also positions it as a prestigious address for businesses looking to establish a strong presence in the region.
  1. Proximity to Airport: Located just 4 kilometers from the airport, Marvel ECRON offers excellent connectivity, making it an attractive option for national and international businesses. The ease of access enhances its appeal for companies that require frequent travel and logistical convenience.
  1. RERA Approved: Investing in a RERA-approved property means you are assured of transparency, accountability, and timely delivery. RERA approval instills confidence among investors by ensuring that the project adheres to all legal and regulatory standards.
  1. Impressive Growth Rate: Marvel ECRON has demonstrated a remarkable growth rate of 64% within just three years of its launch. This impressive appreciation underscores the property’s potential for high returns and makes it a lucrative investment opportunity.
  1. High Sales Velocity: With 70% of the property already sold out, Marvel ECRON is in high demand. This rapid sales velocity is a testament to its attractiveness and the confidence that buyers have in the project’s value and future prospects.
  1. Completed Structural Aspect: Structural Aspect is 100% completed stepping into the finishes stage, in no time, Marvel ECRON will be ready for occupancy. This eliminates the waiting period and allows investors to start earning returns right away.
  1. Attractive Annual Yield: With an estimated annual yield of 7-8%, Marvel ECRON offers a stable and attractive return on investment. This yield is particularly appealing in comparison to other investment avenues, providing a steady income stream for investors.
  1. Strong Leasing Prospects: Marvel ECRON’s likely tenants include a mix of start-ups, MNCs, IT/ITeS companies, fintech firms, and co-working spaces. These contracts are nearing finalization, ensuring a diverse and robust tenant base that adds to the property’s long-term viability and profitability.

But why go beyond Bengaluru and invest in Hubballi

Marvel Ecron, a RERA-approved Grade A building with the right tech specs plus green concepts is designed to cater start-ups and MNCs, specifically IT/ITeS companies.

How ill IT/ITeS entities benefit with offices in Hubli?

Hubballi, often overshadowed by the IT hub of Bengaluru, is emerging as a commercial powerhouse in its own right. Here are a few reasons why Hubballi is an ideal location for commercial real estate investment:

  1. Strategic Location: Hubballi, a smart city is strategically located, serving as a gateway to major cities in North Karnataka and beyond. Its well-developed infrastructure supports robust connectivity through road, rail, and air.
  2. Growing Economy: The economic landscape of Hubballi is rapidly evolving, with significant investments in various sectors, including IT, manufacturing, and services. This economic growth is driving demand for quality commercial spaces.
  3. Educational and Skill Hub: Hubballi is home to several educational institutions, fostering a skilled workforce that attracts businesses. The presence of educational institutions also ensures a continuous influx of young talent.
  4. Government Support: Policies and incentives are in place to attract businesses and investors to Hubballi. Case in point – Hubballi is amongst the 3 cities identified by Govt. of Karnataka to lead its Beyond Bengaluru initiative, which aims to boost IT/ITeS Sector penetration in tier 2 cities.

    Marvel ECRON in Hubballi represents a golden opportunity for property investors. Its unique position as the first and only Grade A property in North Karnataka, combined with impressive growth, high demand, and strong leasing prospects, makes it a standout investment. By thinking beyond Bengaluru and exploring the potential of Hubballi, investors can tap into a market that is poised for significant growth and returns. Seize this opportunity to invest in Marvel ECRON and watch your wealth rise. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a revolutionary commercial property in the heart of North Karnataka.