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Marvel Properties in an exceptional idea conceived and enforced by two young and ambitious individuals bound by shared vision and interest in the real estate space. While these two leaders continue to be at the helm of all business affairs, they have qualified and competent team in place to bring all strategic plans to reality.

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Our Team Members

Anil Balaganur

Chairman – “Great leaders don’t tell you what to do; they show you how it’s done”

Many a times the environment we are raised in holds a great influence on our pursuits – similar is the story of Anil Balaganur’s Career. Born and raised in a family of Businessmen, Anil picked up the nuances of business quite early. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, but more than his formal education, Anil credits his business acumen to real-time observation and hands on experience gained in his formative years. His business experience spans multiple sectors – close to two decades in paddy trading, about half-a-decade in mining, and over 8 years as Project-in-charge with a leading construction company. Later, he resolved to start a business of his own. Today, as a chairman, Anil supervises Marvel at a strategic level.

Veeresh Kulkarni

MD – “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things”

Some have a natural flair for business; Veeresh Kulkarni is one among them. The ingenious brilliance of perceiving business opportunity, the competency of risk-taking or sheer common sense – he has it all. An ambitious individual with shrewd business intuitions is commerce graduate and alumnus of the prestigious J G College of Commerce, Hubli. Before barging into business, Veeresh forgathered almost three years of experience as Project-in-charge with a leading construction company. In 2012, Veeresh collaborated with Anil Balaganur, who was his colleague from almost a decade and portrayed himself as an entrepreneur.

Veeresh has abetted Marvel Properties with tenacious commitment and thoughtful outlining which has earned a persuasive attention in Hubli’s Real estate sector. Apart from his business pursuits, he has always engaged him in societal good.

Gururaj M. Annigeri

Director - "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

Gururaj depicted himself differently. He knew his strengths as a teenager. At his young age, Guru had an ability to mark himself in frantic world of stocks. By the age of 20, Guru had the efficiency to calibrate stock market and his brilliance in identifying opportunities redefined. That was an early sign indicating his entrepreneurship ability.

Gururaj, a MBA graduate, did not show an iota of inclination in the rat race of the corporate world. He did what he desired for, he opted to be an entrepreneur. He initiated a franchise of Motilal Oswal Securities in Gadag, managing portfolio worth 17 crores.

At Marvel, as a Partner and Director, he consciously takes up major decisions with regard to business vision, talent, technology and operational efficiencies. His peculiar enjoyment is in meeting people who are charismatic and risk-takers. He likes to things simple, which is reflecting in his approach to work – Work hard, play hard and wake-up early!

Sudhir Swaroop

Director - "The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails"

Sudhir Swaroop has joined Marvel Properties private limited as the board of Director in Aug’ 2015. He has over 12 years of management experience in ​R​etail and ​M​anufacturing sectors. Prior to joining Marvel, he worked with Colgate India for almost 10 years.​ ​He has received many exemplary awards during his corporate journey. Sudhir has strong business acumen with significant experience in driving business growth. ​Sudhir​ holds a Master ​​degree in Management

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